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O is for Once - Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday - Round 3 - O

Text & Photo Copyright Christina Wigren

Jenny Matlock

This week, Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday looks at the letter O. Here is my post about an O-word.

Text & Photo Copyright Christina Wigren


O is for ONCE, as in 'Once upon a time'.
The magic words for make-believe,
When clocks begin to chime,
Of golden threads, a tale I weave,
Of dragons, witches, wolves and thieves.
From a time and place where animals still can speak,
And orphans often find the happiness they seek.


Text & Photo Copyright Christina Wigren

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Our Village is a Little Different

Our Village is a Little Different

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Jenny Matlock


Our Village is a Little Different said...

Ahh.. some of the greatest trips I've ever taken have started with "Once upon a time.. " Great post.

Ann said...

what a nice poem and that fairy costume is adorable.

myorii said...

What a great poem :) I love stories that starts with "Once upon a time" because more often than not, those stories also end with "They lived happily every after". For me, those stories are fill with so much childhood innocence and memories :)

Jenny said...

Oh Anna. This was so lovely.

The fairy costume is adorable and your poignant words just sing to my heart.

Childhoods are so lucky we are to have the memories of them.

Thanks for an outstanding post!

I hope you are settling in okay!

Hugs and A+

Andy said...

What a lovely post. Reminds me of my childhood days and the stories we used to read. The outfit is really cute too.

Thanks for sharing.

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