Saturday 14 April 2012

M - Blogging from A to Z - Challenge - 14th April 2012

The Letter 'M'

Today is Saturday 14th April and the letter is 'M'. 'M is for Mermaids!' Scroll down past my Etsy treasury to read a text that I have wriiten for Rach Writes.

Once again, I am not following the rule 'one item per shop' as I have more than one example of Lisa Ferguson's mermaid-illustrations.

Here are Rachel Harrie's instructions: Saturday April 14 - include four words starting with the letter "M" in your entry.

I am to write a story to this photo-prompt:

Picture source

Marion had her moods. She sat on a large, smooth, round, river-rock, and watched the gentle flow of dried leaves floating along like little boats for tiny faeries.

I should have had wings instead, she mumbled to herself, as she looked down at her legs and remembered what they once were. It was really a lot like flying, swimming in the depths of the sea. She no longer had gills either. She only breathed air now, loosing them about the same time as her tail-fin desolved into toes.

Marion seemed happy, but sometimes she would sit on the edge of the river and stare for hours at the water. It was as if she missed her old life as a mermaid.

[Text Copyright 2012 Christina Wigren All Rights Reserved]
Word count 121

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