Friday 12 November 2010

The Winner of the Title-Guessing-Contest is...

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Please forgive me for being so late with the results of this contest. No one guessed the exact title that I had written done on a piece of paper. But there were many that wrote much better than the one that I wrote down. So what is there to do? I would like to share these wonderful suggested titles. Many are real gems. But who should win a bracelet? Should I use randomorg and just let chance decide who gets the bracelet? Or should I pick the one that feels best?

The title for my story as I wrote it on paper is: "Where has All the Gold Gone?" It's pretty lame, I know. But that is what I wrote. (Look at a copy the story at the bottom of this post.)

I have decided to choose Francisca as winner because her title is closet to what I wrote and she left her comment very, very early. Congratulations Francisca! Later on Tuesday Nov. 16th: Francisca does not seem to want the giveaway prize. She says that even cards get lost in the mail. So I am going to give the bracelet to someone else.

Here are all of the entries in the order that they came in:

1 Amiko wrote: "Nice bracelet..^^" (I think this was more of a comment than a title-suggestion.)

2 Franceisca wrote: "The Gold is Gone". (This is the closet to what I wrote and she left her comment very early.)

3 JDaniel4's Mom wrote: "Gold Fairy Gathers Gold" would be a good title. (And I agree with her. This is a lovely title. Silly of me to not think of it. It is funnier than my title.)

4 paige wrote: "Gloria and the Golden Rings" (Also, a very nice and fitting title.)

5 Sue wrote:I'll have to think about this one and get back to you=)

6 lissa wrote: I like the guessing idea - I suppose the title should have a g in in right? I'll guess 'the missing golden rings'? I doubt that's the title though I really don't want the giveaway anyhow, I just like the idea of guessing terrific G post.

7 Mumsy wrote: I like the story and my title would be "Gold Case"! (Wonderful title! Really short and snappy!)

8 Jen wrote: "Lost in Time!" or "The Price of Time!" Cute story. Pretty bracelet. (These two titles are amazing. Almost philosophical or worthy of a good Science Fiction story. I am thinking of Ray Bradbury here.)

9 Ann wrote: Hmm this is a tough one. Good story but I'm so bad at naming things. How about "Gone with the Gold". (Another very good title and not too far away from what I actually wrote.)

10 Duni wrote: Hmm...I'm not that good at guessing, I'm afraid! How about "all that glitters is not gold" wishing you wonderful weekend (with less rain that over here, I hope)! (Oh sweet Duni, we are in the same weather-pattern. Rain-rain-rain even up here in the north. Lucky it's still warm. This would have been a lot of snow! Your title is also very good.)

11 Su-sieee! Mac wrote: Cute Bracelet. What did happen to the gold? No that's not my title guess. I'll go with G is for Gold Gone Missing. (This is a really good title and not so far away from the idea that I had. In fact, I think it is a much better title that mine. Many of these suggestions are, I'm almost ashamed to say.)

12 Pondside wrote:Hmmmm - I haven't titled a story for a very long time! How about "The Lost Hour" or "The Gold Grab" or "Time Stod Still". I guess it depends upon where you're going with it.

13 Jenny wrote: What a cute stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday Miss Anna. And what a neat story. Gosh...titles are not my strong point... Ummm "The Gold is Gone!" Yea, that is lame! I'm sorry I'm not really that good at this but I am good at visiting my favorite AT links and yours is always one I enjoy! Thank you! A+ (Once again, here is a very good title. My title is much lamer than Jenny's.)

I am only posting the comments that do not have an email address. As I promised, I will not expose your email-address. This is why I have copied all the comments letter for letter. (I could not cut and paste.)
Best wishes,

P.S. here's the original story again:

Gloria Goodman was fast asleep in bed when the golden sun peeped through the Venetian blinds and woke her.
'Goodness gracious', she exclaimed, opening her eyes and looking at the battery operated wall-clock. 'I'm late!' She got up out of bed quickly, donned a robe and calmed herself when she remembered that she had forgotten to set the clocks back an hour for the end of Daylight-Savings-Time. She looked at her hands and gasped: 'Oh my Gosh! Where are my golden rings?'
Putting the matter aside, Gloria glided down the long staircase and went to the kitchen, where Aunt Georgina was making grits for breakfast. Uncle Gerald sat at the table reading the Geekland Inquirer and muttered gruffly: 'The price of gold has risen again!' as he rubbed his not yet shaven cheek. 'I seemed to have lost my gold-tooth! It fell out while I was sleeping and I must have swallowed it.'
'Oh Gracious me, no. That means that we have to call the dentist, doctor Gregory!' sighed Aunt Georgina while dishing out grits to her husband, Uncle Gerald.
Three children bounded down the stairs and sat also at the breakfast table. Gloria laid the table with bowls and spoons noticing that the golden edges of the dishes were gone. 'Hm... she thought, has the dishwasher burned the gold away?'
'My rings are missing', Georgina revealed.
'Mine too', said Uncle Gerald.
'And mine as well', lamented Aunt Georgina.
'Are there gold-thieves about?' inquired Uncle Gerald, knitting his brows.
'The disappearance of some Golden rings, I can understand. But a gold tooth? And where is the gold-edging on the bowls?' said Gloria and sat down at the table with the others. She looked intently at the three children aged four, six and eight. But Glenda, Geoffrey and Glenn shook their heads in unison.

Jenny Matlock

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