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John Tell, expert on tourism - Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus - Week 65

Jenny Matlock

Welcome to week 65 of Saturday Centus, Mrs. Jenny Matlock's writing challenge that requests participants to write a PG-rated text with a prompt, using only, at the most, 100 words. This week's prompt is the following photo:

Mrs.Jenny Matlock has provided us with this photo-prompt

Here is my text:

"I'm with the marketing-group that's advising the Swedish tourist industry".
"Are you are going to promote our churches, museums and monuments?"
"Yes, but even more, the beautiful countryside.
"Were there any other other reasons for joining this project, John?" inquired Sanna warily, hoping to get John to say that she was a reason.
"Mostly, I was glad to get away from the heat! You could fry an egg on the sidewalk. A friend of mine did that. Look at this."
John pulled out a photo and Sanna eyed it closely, shivering, happy to not be in Florida in July.

Wordcount according to WordCalc: 99
Best wishes,

I have given the character, John Tell, a reason for being in Sweden. There was actually a delegation from Disney World in Florida that went to this part of Sweden to help the tourist industry here. I read a newspaper article about it. I like the idea. It fits my character John Tell, even though I don't know anything about the real experts from Disney World.

BTW here's a link to the newspaper article: or click here. Look at the far left column under the word "Ekonomi". Use your Google-translator to read it in English; translate from Swedish. But you can recognise names in the article, such as Walt Disney World and the people from WDW, Valeri Oberle and, of course, the Disney Characters Tinkerbelle (=Tingeling) and Mickey Mouse (=Musse Pigg). The basic message of Ms Oberle's talk is to use all of the senses, pay attention to detail, and see that people feel warmly welcome, all of which I think is very wise advice.

First Commenter:
Nonna Beach
Tasty Tales

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Jenny Matlock


Nonna Beach said...

Excellent Anna !
Real life and art collide beautifully in your story...just for the record, I AM in Florida and wish I were with YOU in Sweden !
YAY...I'm finally the first commenter !

jeff campbell said...

This is quite good indeed! I enjoy your writing ;-) Peace and blessings

Lily said...

We too are in Florida, huddles indoors, thinking of grabbing our suits and heading to the gulf to soak with hat & sunglasses on!

Ames said...

I'm in Florida too! We are scorching here!~Ames

cj Schlottman said...

I so agree with Nonna. The blending of reality with fiction is always a powerful way to write. It gives it more weight.

Great Centus!


Karen S. said...

Oh yeah....a bit of truth a bit of not so much truth...although with some of this heat I think we could fry and egg on the pavement! have a great weekend ahead!

beckyp said...

great post

Ann said...

When real life and fiction collide it makes for a great little story. Good job once again said...

I love your intriguing character development, Anna. You're able to work with any prompt and stay on track. Very impressive.
Blessings, friend.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm loving how everyone is going in so many different directions with this prompt.

I really loved yours.

Rinkly Rimes said...

The sight of the egg has drawn many people to consider the heat. You did it well.

jfb57 said...

This is such a well crafted piece Anna. It felt much longer than 100 words because you got so much into it. Loved it!

Jo said...

I love reality mixed with fiction, you did such a great job of it. What a well written piece!!!

Sue said...

Well done, Anna. Your blend of truth and fiction is always intriguing.


Kim said...

Maybe they could use the photo in a marketing brochure "The grass is greener, the sidewalk's cleaner!"

I always try to mix fact and fiction - you did it well.

Gems said...

Nonna hit the nail on the head. Great piece!

Jenny said...

Anna, I love the unusual starting point you used for this post!

This was really a great twist for the take!

You seem extra creative lately!

Hooray for us!

Ames said...

You are not the only one late in getting around to read the posts. This was very good. And you just don't realize how close to the truth it is. The only thing I can add is that it feels like we are breathing hot water over here with all the humidity too!~Ames

jabblog said...

I prefer cooler climes, too;-)
(Hope you're settling happily into your new home, now)

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