Sunday 20 March 2011

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Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus Week 46

Jenny Matlock

Welcome to week forty-six of Saturday Centus.

To read Mrs. Jenny Matlock's instructions, please scroll past my SC-text, which is here:
It had been a long winter for Sanna Rumsten, because of the divorce-preceedings and move from their beautiful townhouse with crystal chandeliers and hardwood floors. Wanting desparately to get away, she rented a smaller apartment with only linoleum floors. It was crowded with her possessions. She would have to throw alot more overboard than just a husband to make this work.

It was morning in the new home.
The curtain parted as she drew the strings revealing the sunlit street with tatoo-parlor, used paperback-bookstore and kebab-restaurant. Not the most fashionable neighbourhood, but what choice did she have? Sanna and the children were together.

Wordcount according to Wordcalc: 100

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Ann's Snap, Edit & Scrap

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Jenny Matlock

Here are Mrs. Jenny Matlock's instructions:

No surprises again. I'm just lulling you into complacency...

The prompt this week is...

The curtain parted...

You can use this prompt and UP TO 100 additional words to write a story of your choosing in any style of writing you prefer. Just keep your story PG and try to visit as many of the other links as you can!

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