Wednesday 6 January 2016

IWSG January 2016

Anna Nordeman

IWSG - Insecure Writer's Support Group for Wednesday,6th January 2016

This is my thirtyth post for IWSG, written on 9th January 2016:

It has been such a busy time that I did not post anything for December. Alex may have already removed my name from the list because of my tardiness with this January post. 

Oh well. I'll still here. I am still struggling with my schoolwork for the university, but the good news is that I actually got a part time teaching job! Surprise! Surprise! I'll be teaching English for teenagers at a local gymnasium! (gymnasium=approximately the same as high school) I have already been given the key to the school and I will start teaching next week, on Wednesday. (Yippee!!!!!!)

I am sorry to have to cut this short. I need to write three papers for the University. But I promise to keep in touch and write more as soon as time allows. 

Best wishes to all for a happy 2016!! 

Best wishes,

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