Tuesday 1 February 2011

I curated a new Etsy Treasury!

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Newly listed jewellery items: purples, yellows and greens!!!

After filling my Etsy shop parltradet with lots of skinny slim soft bangles, I decided to list some chunkier stretch bracelets for those who prefer larger beaded adornments for the wrist.

This first bracelet is simply made of flat purple silverlined puff-coins and matching silverlined round beads as well as lilac seed beads as spacers.
Next is a a purple version of my standard elegant stretch-choker with stretch-bracelet set.

I have changed the pattern slightly, making it, I think, a little more comfortable to wear.

And I am finally stocking my shop parltradet with colour-coordinated earrings. These cube-shaped earring with antiqued brass findings go with all of the purple pieces. I will stock several models of purple earrings and, naturally, even ones with sterling silver findings too.

For my Etsy shop AnnasAdornments, that carries everything and anything that is NOT stretch-jewellery, I have listed a purple heart pendant necklace which is not new, but appropriate for Valentine's Day: (Thanks to AnnaLela this heart-necklace has been featured in a treasury, 'February love...'.)

Also at Anna's shop, I have listed a wire-wrapped bracelet made of antiqued (=oxidised) copper wire and chain and rounded free-form honey-quartz nuggets. I do so much that is so refined. I though it might be fun to have a piece that was not only chunky, but even a wee bit rugged.

Something to wear with an oatmeal-coloured knitted sweater on a cold day in February? Or why not something yellow, shocking-pink and frivolously silly in July?
(Many thanks to Carita at Jealousydesign for her recipe for oxidising silver using only a boiled egg. It also works with copper wire!)

What do you do with leftovers? Some jewellery artisans make 'bead-soup' of their leftover stones and beads. These quartz nuggets are too heavy for earrings, so I made an 'ooak' (=one of a kind) stretch-bracelet for parltradet using some very large purple tube-shaped lampwork beads and some garnet chips and 4mm round Czech glass beads as spacers. (What would we do without the Czechs?!)

And finally some lovely light greens, when you are dreaming about springtime! As you can see I took this shot a couple of months ago when the fall leaves looked yellow (in October). But I haven't had time to list this item until now! (I have about ten yet to be listed pieces of jewellery waitng for their turn to be in the spotlight!)

This is a stretch-bracelet that is not really 'chunky', but not a 'slim-soft-bangle' either, but just a nice in between bracelet size that many would enjoy wearing. And the stretchiness makes this bracelet super-easy to put on and take off (which is 'parltradet's motto: 'Beautiful and easy-to-wear jewellery').

You can use the CraftCult widgets on the sidebar to get to my Etsy shops 'parltradet' and 'AnnasAdornments'. Or click on the names here.

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