Wednesday 24 April 2013

U is for UNICORN - for 'from A to Z in April', Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

U is for UNICORN - The Letter 'U' for 'Blogging from A to Z in April', Wednesday, April 24th, 2013.

Unicorns are one of those wonderful mythical beings that seem to always be resurfacing in children's literature and films. You can bring unicorns into your life in several ways. One is to make your horse a unicorn for a party or celebration.

Look at this wonderful soft and safe unicorn horn attachment from the Etsy shop, RusticHorseShoe.




And for those who love unicorns, but who don't own their own horse, you can bake unicorn cookies using this cookie-cutter from CookieCutterGuy :

Unicorn cookie-cutter from CookieCutterGuy 

Or decorate your room with a glass sculpture of a unicorn made by John McElmeel of americanglasscraft :

Glass unicorn from americanglasscraft

Or wear a gold unicorn ring from diamentdesigns:

Unicorn ring from diamentdesigns

Or wear this unicorn pendant necklace from Illuminista:


I would love to illustrate a fairy tale about a unicorn. Look at these different artists' styles:





 I bet Maja Lindberg of majalin could put a unicorn into this dreamlike landscape:



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My theme for A to Z is my favourite things that might show up in written stories, poems, paintings or jewellery. This is my list of subjects that I would like to work with.

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