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'How I hate My Beautiful Friend' - RFW - Challenge No. 45 - September 21, 2012

Welcome to Romantic Friday Writers Challenge No. 45 for Friday 21th September 2012. RFWers is a fortnightly challenge that is founded by and hosted by and Donna Hole. For Challenge No 45, participants are asked to write a text 400 words or less using the prompt, 'Oh how I hate my beautiful friend'.

We can forget about Jenny & Co for a while; but I'll let you know if it becomes a novel. This is a new story with new characters which may or may not have the potential of growing into something larger. I can't write a winner every time. I'm just writing a text for the prompt.

 Title: 'Oh how I hate my beautiful friend'

Charlotte Pearce opened the front door and found two policemen showing her their IDs and a large photograph of a fashionably dressed young woman with long flaming carrot-red hair.

'Sorry to bother you at home like this, Ms Pearce, but we have reason to believe that you may know this woman.'

Charlotte stared at the image of this all too familiar face and was debating whether or not to say that she knew her, but decided to tell the truth.

'Yes, that's Ramona alright, Ramona Slope.'

'Do you know her well?'

'I used to', mumbled Charlotte, remembering the last time they met; how Ramona barged in at her home and immediately began rummaging through her clothes-closet, trying on different garments, laughing at Charlotte the whole time. Then Ramona wandered out to the kitchen wearing one of Charlotte's favourite outfits, spilling wine on it and cackling like a witch. Charlotte had to take Ramona's billfold and threaten to keep her ID, credit cards and cash, if she did not return her clothes and leave. 

'Yes, I used to know her, but I don't see her any more.'

'When was the last time you saw Ramona Slope?'

'Oh, that was several months ago. We had a falling out, and I told her that I never wanted to see her again,' said Charlotte, 'Ramona had stolen some of my things and I didn't feel that I could trust her anymore.' But Charlotte did not reveal the most important item that Ramona had stolen: Charlotte's former boyfriend, Emil Klinger. It hurt to talk about Emil.

'We may need to ask more questions later. Will you be available this week?'

'Yes. I'm usually at home. Why are you so interested in Ramona? Has something happened?'

'Her parents have reported her missing, so it is important that you tell us what you know. Here's my card. Call me if you think of anything,' said one of the policemen and gave Charlotte his card.

Ramona, thought Charlotte. Maybe someone got tired of her insane laughter and practical jokes. What a waste. Such a beautiful woman, with no common sense or morals. A few minutes after the police had left, Charlotte thought: But if Ramona is missing, where's Emil? Maybe I should have asked about Emil.

Charlotte hated Ramona as much as she loved Emil.

Word count: 397
[Text Copyrght Christina Wigren 2012]
Word count, according to WordCalc, for 'Oh how I hate my beautiful friend' is: 397; FCA; Full Critique Acceptable

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This is a fictional text. Any resemblance to events, firms or to persons living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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