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'Yes, No, Oh, all right then' - Romantic Friday Writers Challenge No 37 - Friday first June 2012

Welcome to Romantic Friday Writers Challenge No. 37 for Friday first June 2012.

RFWers is a fortnightly challenge that is founded by and hosted by and Donna Hole.

Here is my text:
There will be a sequel at the end! 

For little Jimmy Hacquinn's ninth birthday party, his single-mother, Carola, fulfilled his wish to have a pirate-theme-party. The cake was draped with black marzipan and the Jolly Roger. Apple cider was served as pretend-rum.

Everything was going to be fine, thought Carola, until Jimmy announced that he found a real pirate to help him cut the cake.

'Yes, no, yes, no!' said Carola when Jimmy begged to let this man into their home.

'He is highly recommended at the amateur theatre', pleaded Jimmy, 'The lady at the ticket office gave me his phone number.'

Carola was often surprised by her son's initiative ability. But this time she thought it was a little dangerous to let a stranger into their home. 
'He said he'd be here in time for when I blow the candles out.'

Carola telephoned the theatre and asked about 'Captain Cedric for pirate-themed parties'.

'Oh, Cedric? He's such a dear', assured the woman who sold tickets, 'No, you won't be disappointed.

'Ding-dong', the doorbell rang, and Jimmy's classmates filed into the living room  dressed as tiny cut-throats with three-cornered hats, eye-patches and plastic swords.

At last, everyone sat at the dining-room table admiring the cake. 

'Ding-dong' again. Carola went to the door. Cedric the pirate had arrived in authentic-looking pirate clothes with a real parrot perched on his shoulder.

'Shiver my timbers', said the bird, before Cedric could open his mouth. 'Hello, my name is Cedric. Are you Mrs Hacquinn?'

Yes, I am, but please call me Carola, when you don't need to be in character. Yes, no, oh alright then, thought Carola and let the man and the bird in.

'They're all waiting for you', said Carola surprising herself. She liked the look and manner of this man. He had kind eyes.

'Cedric entered the room where the cake was ready with lit candles. 

'Be you James Hacquinn, matey?' he asked Jimmy, 'And all of nine years old today?' 

Jimmy nodded.

'Well then, let's see you blow all of yer nine candles out!' 

Jimmy took a deep breath and blew as Carola snapped pictures with her telephone-camera. Then Cedric lead the children in several rounds of 'Happy Birthday to you' in a voice that made Carola melt.
Word count according to WordCalc: 377

[Text copyright 2012 Christina Wigren, All Right Reserved]


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