Saturday 19 February 2011

Maisy-Jane, Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus - Week 42

Jenny Matlock

Welcome to week forty-two of Saturday Centus.

Please scroll down past my text to read Mrs. Matlock's instructions!
Here is my SC-text for week 42:
Johnny Thompson, with his finely tuned guitar, waited for his name to be called. A middle-aged woman took his application pointing to a chair.
'We represent writers and performers. So you want to be a singer-songwriter? Play one of your songs.'
'Now?' His throat felt parched.
'Yes. Now.'
Johnny strummed some chords:

Maisy-Jane, my daisy-chain, I love ya', yes I do!
Maisy-Jane, my daisy-chain, Without ya', I'm so blue!
Maisy-Jane, my daisy-chain, I'd catch a granade for ya' too!

'Stop there,' said the agent flatly, 'Thank you, Mr Thompson,'
pointing toward the exist.
Johnny took his guitar and left.

Wordcount: 98

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Mrs. Jenny Matlock's instructions:
I've had a minor obsession this week with a Bruno Mars song. I've tried to make Mr. Jenny dance with me to it (not successfully), I've sang it over and over to the point that my daughter told me if I sang it one more time she was going to scream (she didn't) and I know every single lyric by heart! If you don't know this song scroll wayyy down to the bottom of my blog, pick song 116, hit the play button and get your groove on for inspiration!

And after you've listened to the song a few times you'll be all ready to write a rockin' Saturday Centus around this word prompt:

I'd catch a grenade for ya...

So after you're finished chair dancin' you can continue writing UP TO 100 words (not including the six word prompt) in any style of writing you prefer...fiction, sci-fi, romantic, western...

Just keep it PG and try to visit as many of the other links as you can!

Please display link button or just a hyper-link back to Saturday Centus. Be careful to link your SC URL to the Linky and not just link to your main blog.

Please e-mail me directly with ???'s or ask your question in a comment and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

My playlist is always sitting down there on pause, so any time you want to try to make someone dance with you to this song feel free to hit play! Link anytime between now and next Saturday morning.

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