Thursday 1 September 2011

'Heart-Stoppers' - Romantic Friday Writers - No.17

Welcome to the Romantic Friday Writing Challenge, where participants share their own 300-400-word text on a given theme. This week's theme for Friday the 2nd of September, Challenge No.17, is 'Heart-Stoppers'.
Here is my text:

Sanna had tried to forget about Tomas all summer. What's the use? I know nothing about him. I'm probably more interested in him, than he is in me, thought Sanna summing up her unattractive features such as the extra kilos/pounds on her once slim body and her dowdy clothes.

But when Tomas hugged her at school the other day, it started again. She started thinking of him and wanting him. She wanted to embrace him, to hold him, to kiss him and be kissed by him. To feel his warmth near her. It would even be nice to just hold his hand.

It was Thursday morning and Sanna took her seven-year-old daughter, Lisa, to school. It was the first week, late August and still pleasantly warm. Parents and pupils dressed in summer clothes gathered at the locked door waiting to be let into the classrooms.

'Does everyone have fruit with them to eat at the first break?' a teacher asked. Lisa asked her mother, Sanna, for her apple to show that she was indeed prepared.

'Mamma, it's not cut into pieces!' said Lisa to her mother. The tall and well-built Tomas appeared out of nowhere and spoke to the first-graders.

'Not cut?' said Tomas, and took Lisa's apple. 'We can cut it with a knife or...' and then he pressed the apple between his hands and twisted it until it split into two equal halves. He gave the two pieces of apple to Sanna who wrapped them in paper and put them in Lisa's school-bag.

'Did you see that?' squealed Lisa who was wide-eyed and completely impressed by Tomas' exhibition of strength. But she was not more impressed than Sanna, who had watched closely, and saw that Tomas' hands were both strong and gentle. All that sanding in wood-working builds the muscles in your fingers, thought Sanna to herself as she secretly wished that Tomas would take her in his arms and kiss her. But 'Thanks for your help, Tomas,' was all that she could say, if she even said that. She thought that she had said that, but maybe she only thought of saying it and did not really utter a word.

Thoughts of Tomas usually made Sanna's heart beat faster. This time, her heart nearly stopped.

[Text Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren]
Word count according to WordCalc: 385 : FCA (Full Critique Acceptable - Write what you like, as long as it is well intended. Constructive criticism is always welcome.)

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