Thursday 4 November 2010

G is for Giveaway Contest- Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday Round 2 - G

Photos Copyright Christina Wigren

G as in Giveaway and Guessing Contest.

I have written a short-short, story fragment, and would like to invite everyone to guess the title that I have given it. I have it written down on paper here at home. Write in a comment what you think the title of this story should be. I have enabled total comment moderation for this contest. So don't be surprised if your comment just disappears. The first commenter that guesses correctly wins one of my own stretch-bracelets. I will even pay for postage to wherever the winner lives in the world. He or she will just have to write their e-mail address on the comment, which I will remove before posting. Good luck everybody! Here's my story:

Gloria Goodman was fast asleep in bed when the golden sun peeped through the Venetian blinds and woke her.
'Goodness gracious', she exclaimed, opening her eyes and looking at the battery operated wall-clock. 'I'm late!' She got up out of bed quickly, donned a robe and calmed herself when she remembered that she had forgotten to set the clocks back an hour for the end of Daylight-Savings-Time. She looked at her hands and gasped: 'Oh my Gosh! Where are my golden rings?'
Putting the matter aside, Gloria glided down the long staircase and went to the kitchen, where Aunt Georgina was making grits for breakfast. Uncle Gerald sat at the table reading the Geekland Inquirer and muttered gruffly: 'The price of gold has risen again!' as he rubbed his not yet shaven cheek. 'I seemed to have lost my gold-tooth! It fell out while I was sleeping and I must have swallowed it.'
'Oh Gracious me, no. That means that we have to call the dentist, doctor Gregory!' sighed Aunt Georgina while dishing out grits to her husband, Uncle Gerald.
Three children bounded down the stairs and sat also at the breakfast table. Gloria laid the table with bowls and spoons noticing that the golden edges of the dishes were gone. 'Hm... she thought, has the dishwasher burned the gold away?'
'My rings are missing', Georgina revealed.
'Mine too', said Uncle Gerald.
'And mine as well', lamented Aunt Georgina.
'Are there gold-thieves about?' inquired Uncle Gerald, knitting his brows.
'The disappearance of some Golden rings, I can understand. But a gold tooth? And where is the gold-edging on the bowls?' said Gloria and sat down at the table with the others. She looked intently at the three children aged four, six and eight. But Glenda, Geoffrey and Glenn shook their heads in unison.


Photos Copyright Christina Wigren

Write in a comment, the title that you think that I have given this little writing exercise, and I will reveal the winner next Wednesday-Thursday 10-11 November 2010, when I publish my H-post for Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday. Remember, the first correct answer wins and I have enabled comment moderation so you will not see what you have written once you click on 'Publish your comment'.

Best wishes,

'Comment Moderation' seems to be working alright now. We have a 'First Commenter', but she has not written any title yet. Please come back and guess!

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