Saturday 4 May 2013

Blogging from A to Z in April 2013 Challenge - Reflection Post

Anna Nordeman

Reflections on the 'Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge 2013':

I chose a simple theme, kept my posts short, and scheduled as much as I could. My theme was things that I'm curious about and would like to do some project with it, at a later time; be it a poem or a story, a painting or a piece of jewellery. I tried to feature other artisans who have already worked with similar themes. I have re-posted a few poems that did not get much exposure the first time.

So my A to Z looked like this: Angel, Blueberry & Beskow, Cat, Daughter (Elisabet), Erik (my son), Faery, Gnomes, Hand (Happiness; reposted poem), Igelkott (Swedish for Hedgehog), Jewels (new poem), Kyanite (as used in jewellery), Lapis Lazuli (as used in jewellery), Mice (reposted poem), Necklaces, Orange (jewellery), Pearls and Pennies (as used in jewellery), Quintuplets (my cats), Rosary (as a functional piece of jewellery), Silver & Silver clay (as used in jewellery), Troll (for stories and illustrations), Unicorn (jewellery), Viking (Viking Runes, skrift and even jewellery), Wonderland (Lewis Carroll's), Xylophone (musical instrument), Yellow (my own photo of a yellow rose and a reposted poem to the letter 'Y'), and finally Zebra (toys), Zipper and Zither (musical instrument). (Click on the links and visit if you like.)

Most of these posts are fairly short. I had too many pictures for 'Rosary'; for 'Y', I could have shown many pieces of pieces of yellow jewellery made by other artisans. But I got a little lazy toward the end.

I really enjoyed Yolanda Renee's (of Defending the Pen) A to Z about Margaret Mitchell and her novel Gone With the Wind. And of course, Michael di Gesu (of In Time) did a splendid job of featuring other writers' books. And Sally Stackhouse of Sally Scribbles wrote wonderful story-poems for each letter!

I've missed many fine posts due to the lack of time. I am hopping to go back and visit posts by several blogging friends that I've missed. I should have not even tried to do this challenge at all. But I did get through it. I survived!

Best wishes,

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