Friday 26 August 2011

'Smooth Sailing' - Romantic Friday Writers - No.16

Welcome to the Romantic Friday Writing Challenge, where participants share their own 300-400-word text on a given theme. This week's theme for Friday the 26th of August, Challenge No.16, is 'Smooth Sailing'.


Here is my text:

There was no bath tub at the new place, only a space that could accommodate a washer-dryer and a floor drain, standard in all Swedish wet-rooms.

The children loved to play with their plastic boats in the bath so Sanna took the plastic inflatable pool with her in the move from the old place. Her ex had bought out her half of their townhouse.

After bathing the children, Sanna succeeded in getting them into bed, and then fed the cats.

Finally 'Smooth Sailing', Sanna thought, as she emptied and refilled the little pool and sat down in the warm water for some moments of relaxation. She thought about Tomas, the charming wood-working teacher at her children's school. He had given her a hug when he saw her again after the summer holiday. He was kind, clean-shaven, short-haired and ruggedly handsome with his well-trained body (from riding his bike between four different schools), intensely blue eyes and eagle-nose that was probably broken at some point in his life. Tomas had kind eyes and Sanna's heart beat faster when she thought of him.

Sanna closed her eyes and dozed off and found herself on the deck of an ancient sailing-ship, f
ar out to sea. The air was gently warm. She looked up and saw a black flag with the skull and bones! Pirates! But they looked more like buccaneers from Peter Pan than dangerous cut-throats.

There was no Captain Hook here; their leader was a good-looking man with long, blond hair and a three-corner hat. He walked toward her and embraced her. At closer range, she could see that it was Tomas! He pulled her face closer to his and was about to kiss her, when a huge, unforeseen wave washed over the ship, drenching everyone on board. Sanna was knocked off her feet and careened on the deck in a foot of water.
She noticed that the crew-members were cats dressed in pirate-clothes, tiny swords, three-corner hats and boots like Puss n' Boots'. The water level rose and the cats started to swim. Where was Tomas?

Sanna opened her eyes and found herself lying on the wet floor of the bathroom. The pool was deflated and the water had run out and down the floor-drain. The cats had clawed holes in the pool.

[Text Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren]


Word count according to WordCalc: 382 : FCA (Full Critique Acceptable - Write what you like as long as it is with good intentions)

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This is a piece of fiction. Sanna is not a real person. When I write texts about Sanna Rumsten I am writing purely fictional stories that may or may not borrow content from my own life. I have written many short-texts for Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus using the character, Sanna Rumsten.

This time I am letting Sanna star in a longer text for Romantic Friday Writers.

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