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'I should have kissed you' - RFW Challenge No. 44 for September 7th, 2012

Welcome to Romantic Friday Writers Challenge No. 44 for Friday 7th September 2012. RFWers is a fortnightly challenge that is founded by and hosted by and Donna Hole. For Challenge No 44, participants are asked to write a text 600 words or less using the prompt, 'I should have kissed you'.

I said earlier, that the text for 'Romantic Picnic' would be the last time that I post for RFW about Jenny & Co. I said this because I did not think that I could continue to fit the plot of this story into any more challenges. But I was wrong. There is a place in the story where 'I should have kissed you', might fit.

If you haven't read the story so far and would like to read it before reading the text for challenge No. 44, you will find it here.

 Title: 'I should have kissed you'

Sally Norton is the wife of the photographer, Tom Norton, who accompanied his writer-friend, Jenny Holland on a trip to the South Pacific. Here are excerpts from Sally Norton's diary:

August 29, 2009
Tom's old school friend, Jenny Holland, has won a writing contest and wants him to come with her on a trip to take photos. Tom has almost no assignments right now, so he really wants to go. Just a week. His photos will be published in Plot & Intrigue-Magazine along with Jenny's article. 

Sounds fun. Wish I could go. But someone has to stay with the children. And we can't afford my ticket.

September 14, 2009
Micky and Susan want a rabbit. The pet shop has something called 'Rent-a-Rabbit'. Families can rent a pet rabbit for a month and then return it to the breeder, when the novelty has worn off. I've ordered two.

September 15, 2009
Tom's excited about the trip. I helped him pack.

September 16, 2009
Drove Tom to the airport. Jenny, Paul and their children, as well as Paul's sister, Julia and her husband John, were all there. We came early and had time to eat lunch together. 

The kids wanted to eat hamburgers, but we succeeded in steering them away from McDonald's and took our meal at that French restaurant, Les Trois Gourmandes. Jenny ordered the Escalopes de Veal Chasseur, Paul had the Boeuf au Gingembre, Julia had the Rôti de porc poêlé, John, had the Gratin aux fruits de mer, Tom ate Beouf Bourguinon and I had Poulet poêlé à l'estragon. The children ate hamburgers: Bifteck haché. But Micky didn't like the onions and Susan wanted only catchup and no lettuce.

I hope that Jenny and Tom will have a good time. Hope it brings us luck. Tom needs the work and PR.

I am wondering how Jenny's and Paul's two children, Colin and Sarah, will take this separation. Sarah is so little. I don't understand how Jenny dare to leave her for a week, even if her mother and Paul's sister are taking care of her. She's so tiny. 

Jenny seems to have jumped at the chance to get away for a while. She has been more or less alone with the care of Colin and Sarah. Jenny says that Paul is a good provider, but I bet it hasn't been easy to be married to him. Jenny says that Paul has never changed a nappy or read a bedtime story. He seems to be more interested in his career than in his family. 

I'm lucky I've got Tom, who always helps me. Bless you Tom, wherever you are!

And now we're going to have another baby! Took a do-it-yourself-pregnancy-test when I came home from the airport. Micky and Susan are going to have a new little brother or sister! Must tell Tom! He'll be glad to hear this. Maybe I could leave a message at their hotel?

September 23, 2009
No word from Tom yet. Busy day today. Everything must be nice for Tom when he gets home. Picked up the rabbits yesterday. Micky and Susan call them 'Thumper' and 'Drusilla'. 'Thumper' is from Bambi, but why 'Drusilla'?

September 25, 2009
I don't know how to write this.
Someone from the embassy phoned. Tom and Jenny took a boat and their ship went down. They haven't found the bodies yet, if ever.

I just can't believe this. Must be some mistake. Say this isn't true. I didn't even kiss you good-bye. I should have kissed you. Please God, let me kiss my dear sweet Tom again.


Word count: 598

[Text Copyrght Christina Wigren 2012]
Word count for 'I should have kissed you' according to WordCalc is: 598; FCA; Full Critique Acceptable

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This is a fictional text. Any resemblance to events, firms or to persons living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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