Saturday 24 September 2011

Lunch with Bev and Veronica - Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus - Week 73

Jenny Matlock

Welcome to Saturday Centus, Week 73, Mrs. Jenny Matlock's writing challenge, where participants are asked to write a PG-rated text to a given written prompt. This week Jenny has asked us to write a Dialogue story and the prompt is 'Are you seriously ordering another martini?'.

Here are Jenny's instructions:

This week we are doing a DIALOGUE story.

All dialogue. Period.

WORD COUNT - 150 WORDS PLUS THE SIX WORDS OF THE PROMPT. Total word count not to exceed 156 words.
THE PROMPT THIS WEEK IS: "Are you seriously ordering another martini?"

Here is my text:

'Hi Bev dear, thanks for coming!'

'Thanks for the invitation, Ms.Wissenmacher. What was it that you wanted to talk to me about?'

'Call me Veronica, Sweetie. Your novel. Let's look at the menu. The ham and crab-salad's simply divine.'

'I'll take the omlette.'

'What about a cocktail? I've already started one.'

'Fine. Now, what about the novel?'

'Just some minor changes. The title for one.'

Waiter, please, another drink. What's wrong with the title? '

'Death on Sunday kinda gives away the whole plot.'

'She dies on a Sunday! She's terminally ill! Thanks, another martini.'

'Pity that she dies. Death puts a damper on things. We were hoping for a sequel.'

'Look, Ms. Wissenmacher...'


'Look, she simply must die. That's her story! To change that would... Waiter, another martini!'

'Now, Beverly. You ought to...
Are you seriously ordering another martini?'.

Word count: 150 plus the six words of the prompt.
[Text Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren]

Best wishes,

P.S. This text is purely fiction. I haven't written any novel, and I never drink alcoholic beverages - ever. Here, I am really using my imagination, taking inspiration from scenes from old movies.
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