Wednesday 9 May 2012

Reflections on the A to Z Challenge

I did it. I actually posted for all the letters of the English alphabet in April. But as much fun as it was to be a part of this merry band of happy-go-lucky bloggers, I probably should not have signed up for it at all.

I really needed to do some less-fun things (read 'income tax returns' here) and now I may have to pay the penalty for not buckling down with that chore while there still was time.

I am grateful for the advice of a seasoned blogger  (Tina Downey from Life is Good) who recomended that we should write our posts in March and pre-schedule them. If I had not taken Tina's advice seriously, I would not have been about to meet the challenge at all. 

There may be those who feel that I took the easy way out by making Etsy treasuries on the different themes suggested by the letters of the alphabet. But having read other blogs, I don't think that my blog-theme was bad, just not what some people expected. Maybe most people who blog are writers-only and think in terms of only verbal communication. Granted, I am just as much of a writer-wannabe as the next blogger. Yes, I do love words. But I knew from the beginning that I would not be able to write anything worth reading if I only offered text-posts. Writing takes a lot out of me, while working with images, I can almost do in my sleep. I am a deeply rooted visual person. Even when I write, I am merely describing the scenes that I see in my head.

I am so glad that Tina wrote her posts about Swedish words. I was amongst the few who could leave comments - secret messages - in Swedish. To read Tina's blog in April was such a treat, I think it's worth the fines the tax-people are going to slap on me because of my tardiness with my tax returns. (We'll see.)

I wish I had had more time to visit more blogs and to contribute stories to Romantic Friday Writers theme for April, but there was just not enough time or energy. Tina's comparison of the A to Z  Challenge to being an athetic event, that demands dedication, discipline and team-work, is so true. I have also spent time in  the wee hours of the morning writing posts and making Etsy treasuries.

It was fun thinking in terms of explaining Swedish words with Tina's blog. I can assure you all, that Tina has done an excellent job, and I am please that she intends to continue doing a Swedish post on a weekly basis. I really think she could do a lot more with this theme, and I applaud her efforts.

For myself, I am hoping to write some really good stories in both English and Swedish, make more jewellery for my shops and even do some drawing and painting. That is what I would like to do. But in reality, I will have to squeeze this in amongst some not-so-fun things to do.

Pursue your dreams, folks.
Och visst är livet härligt. Det tycker jag också.

Best wishes,

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