Wednesday 2 September 2015

IWSG - Insecure Writer's Support Group for Wednesday, 2nd September 2015

Anna Nordeman

IWSG - Insecure Writer's Support Group for Wednesday, 2nd September 2015

This is my twenty-seventh post for IWSG, written on 30th August 2015:

I have already started my course-work at the university of Linköping, which means that I have spent the past week taking the free campus shuttle-bus to neighbouring town, Linköping. 

As I have mentioned before I am taking English 2 this term. I like my teachers. They are excellent. So far, I have met three of them, a very thorough and serious Englishman, named Nigel, who is an old aquaintance from earlier courses in English; and a new face, a very, very, very funny, strawberry-blond, bearded Brit, named Emile, for English Grammar and Language Studies. I first met Emile in the spring for my incompletes. (He could have been a stand-up comedian. He keeps us in stitches.) And then there's a very pretty Swedish woman, named Anna (who speaks better English than I do) for English Literature and History. For Anna, we are reading Shakespeare's tragedy, MacBeth. I may write my term-paper for her. If I choose a literary topic. Or for Nigel, if I choose a linguistic subject.

I am enjoying the lectures and seminars, but there is so much reading to do, so much work to keep up with.

And I am still working on my term paper for History 2. [Sigh].

And working part time as a telephone-interviewer. I will be working with that, this evening.

And I am also working slowly on restocking my jewellery-shops. My creative writing is on the back-burner this term. I need this teaching degree. I need a job. TIme is running out for me. Money too.

But I still want to keep in touch with Alex and all of you lovely people at IWSG. I still have hopes to finish a translation and send it off to a publisher here in Sweden. I still have hopes of writing something of my own, but it will take time.

Best wishes,

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