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Blue Moon - Romantic Friday Writers Challenge No. 20

Picture source: Wikipedia

Picture Source: Wikipedia

Welcome to the Romantic Friday Writing Challenge, where participants share their own 300-400-word text on a given theme. This week's theme for Friday, 23rd September, Challenge No.20, is 'Blue Moon'.

(Please read last week's theme-text, 'Bouquet', first, if you have not already done that. You will understand 'Blue Moon' better if you do.)
Here is my text:

Once in a Blue Moon

They folded their wings and stepped through the door, without noticing that they had been watched. She put the vase on a table in the middle of the all-purpose room with wood-stove and built-in beds with curtains.

'Hungry, Sweetheart?' she asked as they kissed.

'Famished,' he muttered between kisses.

'I'll make oatmeal', she replied, still kissing him, and without leaving him, she waved her hand and made the stove fill a pot with water and oats, and the fire burn hotter.

'Did you do a "stone-charm"?' she inquired.

'No. Better do it now'.

Meanwhile, Carl Linnaeus had gathered his samples and wrote quick notes before mounting his horse and riding away. But after a mile, he was disturbed by the thought that he had really seen two human-like creatures that could fly with their own wings. But that goes against all known laws of nature! And he should know. He was going to write a book about the laws of nature and give names to everything in the natural world. What were these creatures?

If he went now, he might still find them. Whatever they were. They had wings like insects or birds, but bodies like humans. Being small and light, they could be birds or bats. But their faces were so beautiful; and they could speak.

They spoke Swedish, but not the same dialect as Carl. He thought that he had understood what they said, but he was beginning to doubt himself. He might be able to describe them if he saw them a second time; just to be certain that they really were winged human-like creatures and not dragonflies.

Carl turned his horse around and rode back to where he had seen them earlier. It was still fairly light, as summer evenings always are in the far north. It might be light enough to see them, if they chose to reappear.

If it had been dark, Carl might have noticed that the moon was blue. There was a soft glow where he had first seen the little man. And there he was, standing by the hut.

'Good evening,' said Carl softly, 'My name is Carl and I study plants. Who are you?'

The tiny man replied quickly, 'No one!' and in a puff of sparkling smoke, he vanished into the little house, which promptly turned into a moss-covered stone.


[Text Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren]

Word count according to WordCalc: 396 ; FCA (Full Critique Acceptable - Write whatever you like. Constructive criticism is always welcome.)

Best wishes,

This text is a piece of fiction, even though I have use some facts about an historical person, Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778), who published his first work on taxonomy called Systema Naturae in 1735, which lay the ground for modern binomial nomenclature
, giving everything in nature two names and a place in the greater scheme of things.

Please read last week's theme-text, 'Bouquet' if you have not already done that. You will understand 'Blue Moon' better if you do.

More interesting reading: About älvor, if you can read Swedish; and articles in English about pixies and fairies. Each of these terms represents different traditions that are not necessarily interchangeable.

Picture source: Wikipedia

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