Sunday 24 June 2012

Treasury Round Up for Tina/parltradet

Following Rose Clearfield's example here is an overview of the most recent treasuries that Tina/parltradet has been featured in. What a week it has been! Going backward in time:

Marie Jonsson of mejjewelry included my pink and green necklace in her treasury 'Like Ants drawn to Sweets'


Before that, Som of somsstudiosupplies featured my necklace 'Many Hearts' in her treasury 'Ladybug and Friends'(this list went all the way to Etsy's front page). 

Before that, Marie Jonsson of mejjewelry included my yellow earrings in her treasury, 'Sunny came home'

And before that, Marie Jonsson of mejjewelry featured my purple earrings in her treasury, 'Summer Colors' 

And before that, Grazina Malinauskiene of Grazim also featured my purple earrings in her treasury, 'Green Garden'

And before that, Alecia Arctida of Arctida featured my black stretch bracelet in her treasury 'Summer Parties'

Before that, Karin Egrelius of CraftsByMeSweden featured my pink and green stretch necklace in her treasury, 'Sweden, wonderful Sweden'

This has been an unusually productive week for treasuries for me, both those that I have curated and those that have featured my items. 

Many thanks to Marie Jonsson, Grazina Malinauskiene, Alecia Arctida and Karin Egrelius for including me in your lists. I've closed my shop for the summer, but will return in August, making new treasuries and hopefully listing a lot of new jewellery in my shop, parltradet

Happy Summer! 

First Commenter:

Many Thanks also to Rose Clearfield for her treasury round ups every Sunday!


Lin said...

Wow! You certainly got some good advertising with all of those treasuries! :)

Hey, I love your Honorary Swede List. :) That made my day!

Rose Clearfield said...

Wow, lots of great features here! Congrats. I love all of the green for summer.

Kristin Aquariann said...

Happy Treasury Tuesday! Congratulations on the great features.

Tanya. said...

Very well deserved extra publicity there Anna, all such lovely pieces....hope you get some sales from it. xx

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