Saturday, 3 December 2011

Tina/parltradet is featured in two Etsy treasuries

My Purple-Green-Black stretch bracelet is featured in an Etsy treasury Have Yourself an Eclectic Little Christmas by Debbie Preston of SeeLifeShine

Here is a photo from Debbie's shop, SeeLifeShine:

And my chunky brown and purple bracelet

is featured in Arctida's treasury Vintage Christmas

And here are a pair of earrings from Arctida's shop:

Best wishes,

First Commenter:
Duck and Wheel with String

And this is Hobbes,
co-founder of The Red Cat Society

where all red cats can meet and blog!


Lin said...

I love purple, so both of those bracelets lit my eyes up!! :)

Glamour Buttons (formerly Alterity) said...

Love it, girlie!

FashionMunster said...

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