Friday 16 September 2011

Bouquet - Romantic Friday Writing Challenge No. 19 for 16th September 2011

Linnaea borealis (Source: Wikipedia)

Welcome to the Romantic Friday Writing Challenge, where participants share their own 300-400-word text on a given theme. This week's theme for Friday, 16th September, Challenge No.19, is 'Bouquet'.
This week I thought I'd give my two romantic characters, Sanna and Tomas a rest. We should let them have some time to sort out their feelings.

In the meantime, here's a historical, romantic, short story
with some previously unknown facts for 'Bouquet':

Linnaea borealis (Source: Wikipedia)

Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) finds an unusual bouquet:

Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) Source Wikipedia

Linnaeus in the traditional dress of the Sami people of Lapland, holding the Twinflower that became his personal emblem.

It was 1732 and young Carl was finally off on his first exploratory journey to Lapland. He was not yet 25 years old and rode on horseback alone. He discovered a very small pink flower deep in the moss-covered woods. This rare flower Linnaea borealis or the Twinflower, with delicate funnel-like pedals, would later be an indicator of ancient untouched forest, and eventually be named after him, and become his emblem when he would be chosen for the house of nobility.

Carl sat looking at this tiny flower, when he suddenly observed a very small creature pick with nimble hands several blossoms. Carl was stunned. He was just about to first sketch and describe the plant and then preserve some samples in his plant-press. What had he just seen?

With his eyes, he followed the tiny figure of what appeared to be a little man with wings. The miniature man followed a path through bracken to what first looked like an ordinary stone, but upon closer inspection revealed itself to be a tiny hut with a wooden door.

With several of these rare blossoms in one hand as a bouquet, the tiny winged man knocked at the small wooden door. It opened and a beautiful little winged woman stepped out and greeted the little man, who gave her the bouquet of Linnaea-flowers. She happily received the bouquet and promptly put the flowers in a tiny vase, and then embraced the man. Their wings fluttered as they kissed and made them hover and inch or two above the ground.

Carl, the young scientist, was astonished. But he was worldly enough to realise that he could never write or even speak about what he had just witnessed. This was nothing for the scientific journals that would praise his Systema Naturae in years to come. So he watched breathlessly the tiny lovers, and tried to listen to what they said, before they disappeared into the hut under the bracken. Did he hear the words 'Thank you, darling'? Or was there an 'I love you, too!' ?

[Text Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren]

Word count according to WordCalc: 343 ; FCA (Full Critique Acceptable - Write whatever you like. Constructive criticism is always welcome.)

Best wishes,

As I mentioned earlier, I decided not to write a story about Sanna and Tomas this week. This text is fictional, even if I am using facts about an historical person. I wanted to write a poem for this post, but after several unsuccessful attempts, I gave up and wrote this whimsical account of some unknown facts about one of Sweden's most famous scientists. Carl Linnaeus was one of the few scientists who was also a poet. His journals are filled with observations written in a, shall I say, 'romantic' style, that no modern scientist would use today.

Thanks for reading!

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J.L. Campbell - Snippets & Splashes

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J.L. Campbell said...

Sounds like you have a romantic fairy tale here, Anna. :)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Magic comes to us when we are not looking for it, not even thinking about it. I love your faerie story. But this is from a guy who wrote THE LAST FAE. LOL. Roland

DeniseCovey_L'Aussie said...

Hello Anna. Firstly, may I say thank you for posting every week. And every week you're getting better. The more we write it improves us. I hope you've also made use of the critiques coming your way.

Now I love to read something where I learn something new, so I adored this. It had a touch of magic interweaved with the historical facts. I loved the way you crafted it. It made a very faeri entry for 'bouquet'.


Francine Howarth: UK said...

Hi Anna,

This is lovely! A little truth, a little fiction and bonus of magical element alongside romantic gesture and words of romance. Cute! ;)


Ruth Madison said...

That's so beautiful! I like the way we have this context of what is going to be int he future, what this flower will come to mean to Carl, but right in this moment it belongs to someone else :)

Adura Ojo said...

I like this. It's beautiful and romantically touching.

Francine Howarth: UK said...

Hi Anna,

Just dropping by to say I've awarded you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Feel free to pick it up from my blog. You'll see the link to my award page and why I awarded it to you. ;)


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