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'New Horizons: Cissi tells Selma' - Romantic Friday Writers No. 15

Welcome to the Romantic Friday Writing Challenge, where participants share their own 300-400-word text on a given theme. This week's theme for Friday the 19th of August, Challenge No.15, is 'New Horizons'.

Here is my text for 'New horizons':


'New Horizons': Cissi tells Selma about her new life

'Did he kiss you?' inquired Selma with a wry smile, as she and her long-time friend lounged in the shade of an old apple tree in a lovely summer-green back garden. They were gossiping (no, talking) as most females do when they get together.

'Oh yes, he did! He kissed me so sweetly!' Cissi sighed, 'It was delicious!'

'So, how do you like your new life?' inquired Selma, stretching and yawning.

'Oh Selma, it's simply divine' , purred Cissi. 'And now, I have him all to myself!'

'I don't understand these mixed liaisons,' said Selma, often the one to put a damper on the swooning passions of others, 'I mean, you won't be able to have children together... and he is so tall and you are so ... I mean he could crush you in bed if he rolls over you in his sleep!'

'But he won't. He is so careful. He holds me in his arms and takes me everywhere: the kitchen, the dining-room, the study and, of course, the bedroom. I can even perch on his shoulders and ride around on him. You get a different perspective up there...'

'Yes, I'm sure', chimed Selma in, 'You see entirely New Horizons up there!'

'And children, who needs more kits? I can still have kittens with any tom I choose!'

'And he doesn't mind?'

'Not in the least!'

'How did his wife take it?' asked Selma, trying to steer the line of inquiry in another direction.

'Very well, I thought, for a two-legged. Even though she caught us red-pawed. She came into the bedroom one evening when I was lying next to him on the bed with my paw over his arm. I heard her footsteps, but did not pull my paw away in time. So she saw it. She starting packing after that, and the movers came the next day.'

'I see', said Selma purring and listening with one ear, as she stretched the full length of her body, rolled around in the grass waving all four feet in the air.

'After that', Cissi continued, 'he took me with him to this lovely place and I'll being returning to the city with him tomorrow. I'm his only companion now. He said so.'

'Oh lucky you!' sighed Selma biting an imaginary flea.


Word count according to WordCalc: 396 : MPA (Minor Points Acceptable)

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First Commenter:

Ruth Madison



I received many helpful comments last week for 'Confused' and will let my character Elin return in a new story when I feel the time is right for her to reappear. In the meantime a couple of other characters have been tugging at my sleeve (or pants-leg), trying to get my attention.


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Ruth Madison said...

Fantastically creative! I love that it's from a cat's perspective. Really cool.

Daydreamertoo said...

Told from the cat's POV, a very good twist in the tale (pun intended)
It seems as if the cat got the cream in this.
Lovely read, thank you.

Francine Howarth: UK said...


Classic! Hee hee, all those hints at romance and it's a cat, and the little devil has even driven out (seemingly) the girlfriend. ;)


babyrocka said...

Wow, nice! I was enjoying the flow and then words like "two-legged" and "red-pawed" had me pricking my ears! (lol) Wonderfully original, and very well written. Loved it!

Beverly Diehl said...

This was purrrrrfect! (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Love is of the heart, regardless of species, right?

Ann said...

oh what a delightful story that was. I absolutely loved it

DeniseCovey_L'Aussie said...

Now this is a furry tale. These cats have no morals! So romantic. I slowly came to the realisation that it was clever Anna.


Kiru Taye said...

I had to smile when I read this. It's a clever take on the theme. Well written.

J.L. Campbell said...

I like this. It's refreshingly different! And yes, that cat definitely has some new horizons coming up.

Life said...

awww...this is so cute.....i did have to read it twice to get the grab of the story but i later realized its a cat narrating to her friend....
this one is really adorable....specially the way with pride she says now i am his only companion...;) :)

Anna said...

Thank you all so much, for your encouraging and kind words about my story.
Here's some background information:
Yes, this is fiction, but it is based upon fact. My first cat, Cajsa, did fall in love with my ex-husband while we were still married. And yes, I found them in bed together with her paw on his arm. She removed her paw when she saw me come into the room. Yes, it's true, she really did do that. And then, when I left the bedroom, she put her paw back on his arm.
Since then, I've been wanting to write a story about them. This is the first time I've been able to blog about it. I'd like this to be part of my novel.

Best wishes & hugs,

Ms. Queenly said...

I adore cats, really. I immediately began to smile when I realized who the characters were, the species of the characters rather, ^_^.

I feel the piece was sweet and I'm really glad to see it--I always thought it would be stupid to write an adventure/comedy story about my cat (so called "Olivia the Moo-Cow Bandit" by my sister). Now I feel somewhat encouraged, lol.

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