Sunday, 13 February 2011

Pink Jewellery for Pink Saturday

Here are Mother's little helpers, Erik and Elisabet, who are inspecting one of mother's beaded necklaces for Beverley's Pink Saturday.

This time there are pink heart earrings and not just a pink necklace:

These new pink earrings are now listed in my Etsy shop AnnasAdornments. Please click on the widget below:

There is also a new pink beaded stretch-cuff:

All my stretch jewellery is in my Etsy shop 'parltradet', please click here.

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Ann said...

Such good helpers they are. Love the pink jewelry.

Donnie said...

Pink and Green always goes so well together. You have 2 cute models.

LV said...

You have perfect models for you lovely jewelry. You are one lady full of talent. All these pieces are very pretty. Enjoyed you and your Pink Saturday showing.

Maria Berg said...

Love the pink braslet! Happy Valentine!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Anna, It's so nice to meet you and those two adorable little ones. I have always loved pink and green together. Reminds me of my preppy days. Some people say I am still preppy. :) Happy Pink Saturday.

Lin said...

I like pink too. My, the kids are growing!! So sweet, they are. :)

Duni said...

It's nice to know Mommy has such wonderful little helpers!
I admired your red heart earrings in your shop, but pink is just as lovely! I didn't realize you have two Etsy shops -- just discovered BirgittasBridal.

Leora said...

Very pretty, and very pink! Sweet little models.

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