Wednesday 24 November 2010

Being Thankful, Mrs.Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday, Round 2 - Thanksgiving Special

Thanksgiving Special

Thanksgiving, I mean the holiday with a big turkey dinner, does not exist in Sweden. There is a Sunday in the church year called 'Tacksägelse', which would translate as 'Thanksgiving', but it is nothing like the big family holiday that is celebrated in the English-speaking world.

We will not be eating turkey tomorrow. But I am linking up with Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday Thanksgiving Special in order to wish the other participants a happy and blessed holiday tomorrow.

One of the last times I celebrated Thanksgiving with my parents and brother and his family was in 2004, when Elisabet was just six months old. She was born with a small heart defect and had to have open-heart surgery just one week old. So the first summer with her for me circled around keeping her alive - or that was how I felt about it at that time. Giving her medicines, feeding her, taking her to check ups etc. By the time we took the trip to see my parents in West Virginia and got to show Elisabet off, I was very tired. So tired, that when the big holiday finally arrived and we all sat around the fancy dining-room table enjoying this wonderful turkey feast, I did not know what to say. It was my turn to say what I was thankful for and I could not think of anything to be thankful for. Then it was my father's turn, and he said that he was thankful to have such a wonderful wife, our mother, who took such good care of him. (And she really did.) It was then I remembered what I had just been through that past year and exactly what I was thankful for: I was thankful for being there and for the fact that Elisabet was alive and well.

Six years later, I can look back at that particular Thanksgiving as a cherished memory. Daddy was still alive then and was happy to get aquianted with his new granddaughter. He passed away two years later.

And now I am in the middle of restructuring my life in a very big way. But I'm not complaining. This is a post about counting our blessings. So I can say that I am thankful for having had two loving parents and a wonderful brother, sister-in-law, nieces and an incredible nephew, whose birthday it is tomorrow, November 25th. I am thankful for my children. And am hopeful for the future.

Best wishes & blessings,

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Jackie Briere said...

That must have been a special thanksgiving to remember .

Happy Thanksgiving to you even though we don't celebrate it :D

Judie said...

What a lovely post! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Mary said...

What a wonderful post~ I'm glad Elisabet is well. Blessings to you & your family :-)

Lin said...

I am thankful that you have the strength to change your life for you and your children. Many women cannot and do not do that, so I admire you, pally. I am also thankful that you and I became pallies this year and we started a fun blog together. :) Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

edenhills said...

Such a touching memory. I am so glad you shared this and I wish you luck with the changes you are making in your life. Blessings.


Ann said...

What a rough time that must have been for you. What a wonderful Thanksgiving memory.

Jo said...

Anna, that was such a beautiful post ... you must have had such difficulties ... peace to you!

myorii said...

This was a really beautiful post on your Thanksgiving memory. Thanks for sharing!

Jamie said...

I loved reading your memory of Thanksgiving. My own mother passed away nearly 5 years ago, and those tender memories like the one you shared have become precious jewels to me. Especially during the holidays. Hope you have a wonderful day, celebrating Thanksgiving or not!

Susan said...

Indeed it sounds like you have much to be thankful for.
Thanksgiving, is a celebration of a successful harvest, and having food to feed the family. We as Americans, have come realize it is a time to acknowledge all that we have to be thankful for.

we should try to be thankful everyday, and I am very bad at forgetting this myself.
Wishing you and yours many blessings and much abundance.

Pondside said...

Thanksgiving time will always have a special meaning for you.....for such a wonderful reason.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love you list and your memories. You have much to be thankful for.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Hi Anna,

Hang in there sweetie, you are amazing and strong and you deserve to be happy!!



Annesphamily said...

I think we all should be grateful more often. I have learned so many wonderful things this past month searching for a new place to live. I am very grateful that I trust the Lord and He cares for me too. Anne

Summer Rain said...

Sorry that you did not celebrate for 6 years.
Happy Belated One,
We can celebrate in our mind or simply by giving thanks to those who love us.

beautiful reflections.

awards/treats 4 u

jfb57 said...

There is a link for you on this weeks Cenuts (Week 30) but it doesn't go anywhere! Not sure you have done one as I can't find it here either. Just letting you know!

Jenny said...

OH Anna, what a touching memory.

This post made me cry. Sometimes life is just so overwhelming that it's truly hard to stop and find a moment of peace so we can realize exactly how blessed we actually are.

I'm so glad you found this on that momentous day.

And so glad you linked to this thankful meme.

Hugs and A+

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