Wednesday 6 September 2017

New Jewellery in my Etsy shop, TINORD


Lin said...

Hello, dear friend! I hope all is well with you. Haven't chatted in awhile---I miss you!

Adornments for Dreams said...

7th September 2017

Dear Lin,
Thanks for writing. I am trying to promote my Etsy shop, TINORD.

2016 was a tough year, and 2017 is only a wee bit better. I have been working as a teacher, but now I am looking for a new job. Have had buckets of problems to solve, but thankfully, not any health problems.

Been looking at your blog, I would like to continue following you and your family. Moving? Does that mean you have a new web address or are you actually, physically, moving to a new area?

Lots of love from,

Anna (I am re-inventing myself by calling myself "Tina" at my Etsy shop. But Anna is also my name.)

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