Wednesday, 6 June 2012

June 6th is Sweden's National Holiday! Two Treasuries!

Today is June 6th and Sweden's National Holiday. It has only recently become a real holiday with the children at home from school and the banks closed. It used to be called Flag Day, a day for waving our flag. (The day after Pentecost used to be a free day. But that is no longer a holiday in order to make the National Holiday a free day.)

I wanted to write a lot about the new holiday and even touch on my own project, my special list for 'Closet Swedes'. But I am just too tired. I'll write more about 'Closet Swedes' later. For now, I  would like to celebrate with a couple of Etsy treasuries, one with the Swedish colours, yellow and blue, and the other one with a European perspective.

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Ann Thompson



Ann's Snap Edit & Scrap

It is Sara Cat's birthday today. She is twelve years old! 


Ann said...

Both are beautiful treasuries. I love the colors in them.
Happy Birthday to Sara Cat

Unknown said...

Thanks Ann!

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