Thursday, 16 December 2010

L is for L-Cat-Land - Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday-Round 2 - L

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On my pillow, I laid my head,
Closing eyes and playing dead,

I left a world of woe and worries,
Floating up in a cloud of flurries,

I came to the land of Lion, Leopard and Lynx,
All, lovely L-cats, don't you think?

It's a magical Land of huge but friendly felines,
That purr like kittens, these Lynxes, Leopards and Lions.

Dear Mrs. Jenny, is it alright to Link now?
My sweet L-cats will show me how.
Best wishes,

Picture source Wikipedia: Lions
Picture source Wikipedia: Leopards
Picture source Wikipedia: Lynx

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

They are such elegant beasts!

Gabe said...

some days it does seem nice to imagine that we could just leave our world and become something else!

Lovely L post!

RNSANE said...

Great poetry! And I love all the L cats. My middle son loved the stuffed leopard I gave him when he was born. He was so attached to it, it had to be there when he went to sleep. I got three, from the same company, identical, just in case one got lost. However, it was "dirty leppy" that he wanted
( the original one ) - though it wasn't dirty - I washed it - though it became well worn. When he went away to the University of CA at Davis, he took it with him
( out of sight but it went along! ).

Sue said...

Beautiful, beautiful animals. And I liked the verse, too!


Rebecca said...

They are so regal and beautiful. Nice photos!

Tina said...

Du hittade fina kort pädessa katter! Jag gillade vad du skrev, ocksä, men kan inte komma ihäg hur man såger "Poem" pä Svenska :-)

Tina said...

Oj vad det gick fel nar jag forsokte med Svenska vokaler...det sog ratt ut innan jag "published"...

Judie said...

What a cute poem, Anna!! Good work!

Ann said...

Such beautiful L-cats and that poem is so cute

Jo said...

they are truly gorgeous creatures ... and your poem was so cute!!!

BeadedTail said...

I have always loved the big cats. They are so regal and beautiful!

Duni said...

I love all types of cats - from regal lions to housecats :)

Dorothy L said...

Natures serene yet so deadly~

Splendid Little Stars said...

What majestic creatures! And such beautiful designs!
One Christmas, a family member received a (stuffed) lynx as a gift, so we all trooped down to the zoo that very day. We visited the cat house, of course!

BEAR's Mom said...

all beauties
especially the one with pointy ears
lovely L post

Jenny said...

Anna, what a beautiful post. These cats are so majestic and powerful. It's hard to remember they are deadly.

I really enjoyed seeing these pictures showing their drama and grace.

Thank you so much for linking.


PS. I put Terra's address on the ETSY contact sheet when I ordered!

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