Monday, 16 April 2012

N - Blogging from A to Z - Challenge - 16th April 2012

The Letter 'N'

Today is Monday, 16th April and the letter is 'N'. 'N is for Necklaces.'

And unexpectedly, my yellow, brown and sterling silver earrings have been included in a treasury by Olga of ovgilliesdesigns. Olga calls her treasury 'naturals', which is perfect for this N-post!

And here are some lovely earrings from Olga's shop, ovgilliesdesigns:

Best wishes,

First Commenter:
A.D. Duling
A. D. Duling's Diddley Dandy Writing


A.D. Duling said...

Hi Anna,

Love the pretties and had to add your blog to my A.D. 's FAV 5 of the AtoZChallenge!


Christine Rains said...

Lovely naturals. Great N day!

Anonymous said...

That's a really interesting theme for your A to Z Challenge. I like it! I like that necklace at the bottom with the two silver leaves.

Tanya. said...

Congrats on having your earrings displayed...they are lovely!!

I love your necklace etsy...I have lots of different necklaces so this one really appeals to me!!

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