Thursday, 18 March 2010

abc-Wednesday - I is for ice.

I is for ice.

For those who wonder why I went to the freezer to fetch some ice cubes, rather than to just go outside and point my camera in any direction at all to find an image of ice: I was just too tired. I have not been well for a week and even though I am getting better, I have my limits. Sorry. Maybe next week's letter "J" will be better.

Happy abc-Wednesday!

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First Commenter: Duni of Lovely Purses


Duni said...

Oh no! I'm sorry you're not feeling well.
I hope whatever it is it will pass soon.

best wishes,


Anna said...

Thanks Duni!
It's just a cough and cold, that started with a fever. But I am over the fever and feeling better.

Roger Owen Green said...

Feel better.

Having said that, the imagery works!

Troy said...

Ice, In Itself Invokes Images of Isolation. Ironically, Ice cubes, Integrated with others, Inspire Images of Invigorating Infusions.

Yeah, OK, that was a stretch of the imagination, even for me.

I liked your Icy Images,
Great post.

On behalf of the ABC Wednesday Team, Thanks for joining us this week. Hope to see you back next week too!


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