Tuesday 12 June 2012

Tina/parltradet has curated a new Etsy treasury, 'Dragons of Europe'

Tina/parltradet has curated a new Etsy treasury, 'Dragons of Europe':

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N. R. Williams said...

Oh dear Anna,
I hope your son is doing well. It's so scary when your child gets hurt.

Alas, I'm a Scot American. My ancesters have been here since the first boat, if you don't count those who came before the pilgrims. I have some German and Irish but to my knowledge no Sweedish blood. Very cool what you're doing.

PS. When I get the internet again later this summer we can start our critique help.

Unknown said...

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012, 11:02 p.m.

Dear Nancy,

Thanks for writing and thinking about Erik. He went back to school yesterday, even though he says he still has headaches. I am going to call the nurse and ask if I should make him stay in bed. It is my Ex's week so Erik is with him.

Don't say 'Alas' about not having known Swedish ancestors. Yes, I am 100% Swedish; but there are Swedes whom I hate, as well as those whom I love. It is who I am; for better or for worse. I like being Swedish. But not all Swedes seem to like being Swedish. My 'Closet Swedes-List started because there are so many who hide their background. Did you know that the recently late author, Ray Bradbury, was actually half-Swedish? His folks on his father's side came over on the Mayflower or something like that), but his mother was of 100% Swedish descent. But there is no mention of this anywhere except in a Swedish book about genealogy.
(I hope I can write a post about this.)

But getting back to what I said earlier. Don't say 'alas' about your ancestors. The Scots and Germans in America are good people too.

Right now, I think very highly of the Scots after reading the Scottish writer, Robert Louis Stevenson's first adventure novel, Treasure Island. Stevenson was the one who started it all. Johnny Depp and Co, have just been doing their homework. And lesson number one is to read Treasure Island. It's all there!Stevenson was an excellent writer who had bad lungs and travelled and finally moved to a warmer climate for the sake of his health. But he died at age 44! Still; he has written A Child's Garden of Verse, Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and two swash-buckling novels that defined the pirate-genre, Treasure Island and Kidnapped!

He married a woman who was ten years his senior; and he must have gotten along well with his step-children because Treasure Island is dedicated to his stepson. He never had any children of his own.

Denise asked if she would qualify for the Closet-Swedes-List because of her interest in ABBA. I've decided to set up a special list for 'Honorary Swedes' because there are people who really deserve to be on this list. My Uncle, my father's brother, married an angel of a woman who had a similar background as yours.
(I would have to put her on a posthumous honorary-Swede-list though.)

They married late in life; she was a widow with three or four grown daughters and he was divorced and then became a widower when his second wife died of cancer.

So she became my uncle's third and last wife. She was so sweet and knew how to handle my very spoiled, careless and difficult uncle. We all thought she was such an asset to the family, but I'm not sure that she understood it.

Tanya Walton of Allotments4you, wants to be on my 'Honorary-Swede-List' too, so I will just have to do it. But I need to get my tax returns done first. I am drowning in old receipts and bills from as far back as 2009!

I am really looking forward to showing you my stories. I've got a writing-tutor!

Best wishes,

Tanya. said...

The black plush dragon is adorable, unfortunately I don't have the best sewing skills in the world.

Unknown said...

Dear Nancy,
I'm sorry, I did not see the word 'Irish' until after I posted my comment. All those gifted Irish writers!
Best wishes,
Dear Tanya,
Did you read my longer comment to Nancy? I mentioned your interest in my lists!

I could probably sew a dragon like that, using my own pattern. I used to sew dolls. But I have no time for anything anymore!

I am curious about trying you recipe.

Thanks for stopping by!

Denise Covey said...

Hello dear Anna. Great post. Did you decide if I could be an Honorary Swede? I see you mention it to Nancy, my ABBA fetish. I still follow their lives today.

It is great that you're going to use Nancy as a critiquer. You'll learn so much.

Treasure Island is certainly a timeless classic.

I'm sorry I didn't know about Erik being sick. I do hope he's okay now. It's such a worry when our children aren't well. Thinking of you.

So your 'ex' has Erik. Is her the Perfect EX or are you, lol!?


Anonymous said...

The wings on the girl are so adorable! Hope Erik is feeling better :)

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