Monday, 11 June 2012

Tina/parltradet has curated an Etsy treasury, 'Honey'

Tina/parltradet has curated an Etsy treasury, 'Honey'.

Best wishes,

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Tanya. said...

I'm so far behind on all of the blogs that I follow but as always all your treasuries are wonderfully put together...and I love honey ..and bees so this is a great one for me. I was also reading the top of your blog. I hope your son is OK now. Also I am not of Swedish origin but have dear friends there...does that make me an honorary closet swede??

Anonymous said...

Love the treasury!

Praying that Erik is doing better! It is so heartbreaking to see our kids get hurt :(

Unknown said...

Dear Tanya,

I've been thinking about all of the wonderful people in the world who are not really Swedish, but who should be. It would help us.

Yes, you qualify to be on my new 'Honorary Swede-List'.
Best wishes & hugs,


Dear Lisa,
Thank you for your prayers. I think Erik is going to be alright.
It is my ex' week this week, so Erik is staying with him. I'll have to check up on him tomorrow and see how he feels.
Thanks so much.
Best wishes & hugs,

Ann said...

well any treasury entitled honey has got to be sweet and this one sure does have some great items in it

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