Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Living with five cats # 1: nocturnal adventures

Text and Photo Copyright 2012 Christina Wigren
A close-up of a very clever cat, Kalle-Mathilda

My cats are getting very smart. Sometime before four AM on Monday morning the cats opened a window and all four kittens hopped out onto the snowy and hard ground around the house. Lucky for them I live on the ground floor of this high-rise, otherwise they would not have survived.

Text and Photo Copyright 2011-2012 Christina Wigren
Here is Sara Cat telling me to rescue the kits.

My oldest cat, Sara, stayed behind caterwauling to get my attention. She didn't like her siblings at first, but now seems to care about their welfare. It was also lucky that they did not wander off and get run over by a car or a truck. I could scoop two of them up, the tuxedo-cats Pelle and Lill-Kajsa and bring them back inside, but had to wake my son up to get help with retrieving the other two, Peep and Kalle-Mathilda.

The following night, I woke up at four AM, again, and thought they might do the same trick. But all of the cats lay lazily around the living-room seemingly contented to remain inside, where it is warm.

I think I know which cat opened the window. Yesterday afternoon the door handle to my bedroom turned slowly and the door opened. I thought it was my son, Erik, who was sneeking in to me. But it was my son's striped cat, Kalle-Mathilda, who now knows how to open doors and probably even windows too.

Text and Photo Copyright 2011-2012 Christina Wigren
Here is Erik with his favourite cat, Kalle-Mathilda, who can open doors and windows!

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Duck and Wheel with String

Duck and Wheel with String

and Hobbes the cat


Lin said...

You have to change her name to "Houdini"!! What a smart kitty! But she'd be smarter to stay inside where she is safe.

Unknown said...

Dear Lin,
Thanks for stopping by! Yes Houdini would be a good name for her! She looks so innocent too! Erik think she's a real ringleader and gets the other kittens to do mischief!

But Mathilda is not stupid. I don't think she wants to be caught out in the snow again. We don't know how long they we outside in the freezing cold. The open window made the living-room really cold so they could have been outside more than an hour.

Best wishes and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hey girlie! I was wondering where you went! So glad to have found you I gotta get rid of the old blog address :)

Summer at said...

We kitties are smart AND cute - how can you beat that combination?

eastcoastlife said...

Your cats are truly smart and good looking too! I'm amazed at their skills. :)

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

My Old Man Cat when he was alive could open doors. I remember him sneaking out once before I got smart and started using chain locks at the top of the door. Luckily, he came right back to the door within a few moments!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh, and HEY! Erik has my Miss PennyKat!!! <3

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