Saturday, 22 October 2011

I planted a little story seed - Mrs. Jenny Matlock's - Saturday Centus - Week 77

Welcome to Saturday Centus, Mrs. Jenny Matlock's writing challenge where participants write a PG-rated text with a given prompt using not more than 100 words plus the six words of the prompt.

Jenny Matlock

This is week 77 and the prompt is
'I planted a little story seed...'. Here are Mrs. Matlock's instructions: WORD COUNT - 100 WORDS PLUS THE SIX WORDS OF THE PROMPT. Total word count not to exceed 106 words.
THE PROMPT FOR THIS WEEK IS: 'I planted a little story seed...'
Here is my text:

'Maybe it's not good enough, but I have it with me', said Martin Bucher to his editor, Wolfgang Dinkelspiel, at a luncheon-meeting.

'Did you write a collection of stories on the same theme?'

'Almost. I've written three and I have ideas for seven.

'Wonderful! What's your theme?'

'Must I tell you now?'

'No. You don't. But it might help you make a commitment and get it done. What is it?'

'It's "Whispers*"', said Bucher, giving Dinkelspiel his list of story-ideas.

'Now, that wasn't so hard, was it? I planted a little story seed, and look what I get, ten stories!'

Wordcount according to WordCalc: 100


Best wishes,

'Whispers' is the most recent theme for Romantic Friday Writers Challenge No. 24. Take a look at what some really fine, professional (and many published), writers have done with this versatile theme. I really like it, and just as Martin Bucher tried to do, I could have written ten stories connected to this theme! My two stories can be found here.

Thank you
Denise Convey (L'Aussie) and Francine Howarth for this gem of an idea! Denise and Francine (who did not write a text of her own for this challenge, but who usually writes each week) are the founders and co-hosts for this lovely weekly blog-fest for romantic writing.


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Rogue Artists

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Judie said...

Great work on this little "seed," Anna!! I love it!!

Nonna Beach said...

Wonderful take on the prompt and so true Anna!
Quite often, one story being written inspires us to write many more...I say the more the merrier ( and less stressed out too ! )

Jo said...

What an interesting take on the prompt Anna. Very well written!

anitamombanita said...

Original take. This was fun!

Rek said...

Very creative tale crafted....inspirational.

Anna said...

@ Judie of Rogue Artists

Dear Judie,
Thank you for your kind words!

I've read your very strong text about teen suicide. I was also thinking about writing about the evils of gossip, considering the problems that I have had with certain neighbours gossiping about me and spreading lies about how I leave the common laundry-room here. But it would have been a very dull and poisonous text!

Since Romantic Friday Writers has had a similar or related theme 'Whispers', and I have been thinking a lot about all the many different directions that theme could take, I decided to do this the easy way. I was lazy and tired yesterday. I wrote this text at midnight after the children fell asleep.

Need to take a break here. Elisabet says she wants me to buy her a pet rabbit. (We already have five cats! They'd eat it up!)

Best wishes,

Viki said...

I loved the conversational centus your chose. It flowed so nicely. Great work. said...

This is very positive, Anna. I like it. It's also a nice, subtle way to promote the Friday Writer's group.

I hope you're well.

Christine said...

very cute, love the name Wolfgang Dinkelspiel

Jenny said...

Anna, what a great seed to plant!

This was really neat! And I loved the last name 'Dinkelspiel'. Would that translate to 'little talk'?

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