Thursday 14 July 2011

Sigge says thanks - Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus - Week 62

Jenny Matlock

Welcome to Week 62 of Saturday Centus, Mrs. Jenny Matlock's writing meme that requests participants to write a text, fact or fiction, in any genre, using a given prompt and only 100 words. This week's prompt is:
"...and the sign read..."

Here is my text:


This is Sigge, my cat-friend, whom I often stopped to pet on the street. Sigge liked making new friends, even though he had a loving home and a cat-door.

Recently, I felt his bones when I touched him. His owners put up a sign asking people to not to feed him, as he gets everything he needs and medicine. He's just old and sick, but well enough to enjoy his favourite pastime.

Yesterday, Sigge wasn't sunning himself in his usual spot and the sign read: "Sigge has passed away, but before he did, he wanted to thank everyone who made his last days sweeter."

Wordcount according to WordCalc: 100

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First Commenter:
Duck and Wheel with String

P.S. This is a true story. My cat-friend, Sigge, the tabby tom, has passed away. There's a little more to the original Swedish text on the sign. Sigge asks us to take care of one another and all small animals in the world. Sigge even has a page on FaceBook, but I have not had time to look at it.

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Lin said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your cat friend, Anna!! That is very sad. But it is nice that he was so well-loved and his family wrote that note to thank you all for loving him.

I agree with them--we must love the little creatures of this good green earth, for they are what make it so special.

Karen S. said...

Oh my it's always so hard to say good-bye to such precious friends..and Sigge sure looks just one of my own cats, Smoke.... Sigge looks so happy and healthy actually, you'd never guess that he was old, or sickly...blessings are sent to kitty heaven....

cj Schlottman said...

Anna, This is so very bittersweet and charming. It was time for the old fellow to go, and all you kind people gave him loving path for his journey.


Ann said...

So sad about your friend Sigge. What a pretty cat he was too. He looks like a very loving kitty.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

It sounds like Sigge was a real favorite in his neighborhood. Purrs to all of those he left behind.

Jenny said...

Oh Anna. I'm so sorry to read this. What a month of change and turmoil for you!

I'm sorry.

You've been on my mind...I'm truly sorry to read this.

Hugs from Arizona!

Split Rock Ranch said...

RIP Sigge. I'm crying after reading this. I know he was old and had a good life but there has been so many who have gone to The Rainbow Bridge here lately that it makes me sad whenever I read about another sweet furry soul also crossing over.

Christine said...

I'd like to think a cat makes my days here on earth sweeter.

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