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The Treasure-Map - Monday's Child...# 35

Illustration by: Will Terry

The Treasure-Map

"Look, here it is! 'X' marks the spot!" said Pierre, the praire-dog exuberently, while holding up the map. Rodney, the Rabbit and Clarance the Cat, listened with all ears. Louie, the Lizard, was more wary of what the stranger had to offer.

"So you mean that we should split the treasure four ways, if we accept you as one of our partners?" asked Clarence.

"Yes, exactly!" said Pierre pointing out over the desert landscape. "You could die out there without my help. I know the desert for what it is."

"But can we trust you?" asked Louie, "Rodney and Clarence are new to these parts, while I grew up here and know what can happen if you meet up with the wrong kind of stranger."

"Well, do as you like. But if you choose to let me join your venture, you will just have to trust me." explained Pierre folding up the treasure-map, and returning it to Rodney.

"Just give us some minutes to discuss this, said Rodney and motioned the others to go behind a large rock and talk. Pierre waited for their reply, as he gazed up at the darkening sky. Clouds drifted by and a few stars became visible.

The other three walked toward Pierre. It was Clarence who spoke: "Allright, Pierre, we'll let you have a share if you are willing to help us find the treasure. Welcome to our party!"

"Thank you," replied Pierre heartily, " You will not regret this. Let's get started right away. Clarence, you who have the best night-vision among us. Please lead the way!" And the little band of fortune-hunters scampered away into the desert night.

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First Commenter:
Art by Tomas

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Tomas Karkalas said...

Viewing of your pictures was the real Treasure-Map. I just sat back in an awe - a way home was clearly depicted in your artworks. Thank you for such lovely reminder of the fairy tales - that was what the world lacks the most in modern world.
Best wishes from the grateful arthiker

Deborah said...

A wonderful little tale :o)

Donnie said...

Fun little story to brighten my Blue

signed...bkm said...

What a cute story Anna and Pierre sounds like he has a lot of wisdom to offer these treasure finding their way throught the desert and to their goal...nice writing...happy you posted...thank you...bkm

Ann said...

What a cute little story. Will there be more to this? :)

Anna said...

Dear Tomas,
Thank you for your kind words about the beautiful artwork done by Will Terry. Will Terry is the illustrator who painted the image of the animals in the desert that was used as a prompt for this writing-challenge. Each Week 'Monday's Child' offers a prompt from which participants can be inspired to write children's verse, poetry or even prose as was my post.
So I was not the artist this time, even though I do paint and illustrate; I was in sush a rush to post my text that I forgot to write the proper credit under the picture. I have corrected this mistake now. You will see Will Terry's name under this lovely fairytale-image.

But I agree with you Tomas: I love these little animals in the twilight desert landscape. Actually I would love to paint some kind of fairytale story with a similar magical atmosphere as is found in this picture. We can learn a lot from each other without copying. I'm sure that Will Terry has learned his craft from looking at such illustrators as Maxfield Parrish, who was famous for a special blue sky. (And he did this by painting in oils, long before 'Photoshop'!)
Thank you for writing, Tomas. You have done two things for me: you have reminded me to be more careful about my picture credits; and you have reminded me that I should get back to sketching and painting and making magical images in a similar vain as Terry's, but all my own.

Thank you!
Best wishes,

To look at Maxfield Parrish go to this page:

nimaruichi said...

Clarence, Rodney, Louie and Pierre - what a bunch! Hope they find the treasure. Lovely tale. :)

Elaine said...

A very cute little tale, well written. Did you see this weeks prompt?

Tina said...

hi anna,

i cant seem to get to your centus. the load on your page has froze. i tried a few times. it says at the loading area if that helps?

just let me know and ill happily pop back to read :)

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